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Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
So, Season 4.

I always enjoyed season 4. It felt MUCH more cohesive. it felt like a different team running it. even with the longer breaks, it didn't feel like anything was forgotten or over looked. the plot stayed consistent.

There really isn't a bad episode in the bunch of the space arc. From the Weird World of Worym (Their version of Q or Mr.Mxy), to the odd journey to the center of mikey's mind. Arena of Carnage is kind of boring, since we've seen it done before, but the rest are perfectly fine.

The only odd thing : How does Krang Sub Prime keep coming back to life? they kill him each time and somehow he always comes back. That's why I say they forgot about Krang Prime after season 3. He wasn't dead, the drome just sunk back to the ocean.

Even Dregg was a bit more likeable this time around. at first I thought it was a bit stupid that they made him more biological than technological....but it does separate him from the krang more. the only thing I didn't like with him was showing that he had a ....robot head? never gets mentioned again and didn't make much sense. and then they kill him off..supposedly. ( think he returns again somehow in season 5?)

on the second half now.
The first half of the fourth season takes back six months in the past, so Kraang Subprime hasn't been taken out by the Triceratons yet.

Plus he was send to the Mirage Turtles dimension in the crossover episode which also could well save his ass from getting killed.
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