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Originally Posted by Coola Yagami View Post
I agree so much on that 9/11 issue after all the shock, horror and everything have passed. It was a different feeling back then, even though I still found the villains page to be stupid. Especially Magneto who pretty much hates humans and would have used this to further his cause. "You see what I mean Charles, they can't even make peace with each other! That's why we need to rule over them!"

I mean in the MU either this would be just another Tuesday, OR Spider-Man and crew WOULD HAVE been there, they WOULD HAVE stopped the planes, they WOULD HAVE saved the day.

It's the same thing as stuff like cancer. You can't tell me, realistically, if all the tech that existed in the MU and DCU existed in the real world, Reed Richards couldn't just blast you with a 'no-cancer ray' or whatever, and there ya go, all better. There's like this magical cloud of dumbassery that hovers above every respectable genius in the comics world that wants to seek ways to better mankind and whatnot in all sorts of ways EXCEPT curing cancer. Or have reality warpers say 'No More Cancer' or something.

And like, I know the real world reason, because if you're actually terminal and you want to read some comics to get your mind off it at least for a while, you don't want to read about in some semi-realistic world where cancer is a joke and is as easy to cure as take an aspirin for a headache.

But in the comic book universe itself, it makes no sense to just ignore that when their world is packed with super geniuses.
Sure, all of that and also there are certain things that you simply can't trivialize by "superhero solutions" in a comic book universe. Cancer. 9-11.

I mean in content and context it makes more sense for cancer to be resolved in Stark Trek than it does in the Marvel U. It makes for greater poignancy that Mar-Vell can die of cancer in the Marvel U which is "current" and street level sort of science fiction.

Of course Star Trek has "future analogs" for cancer - but again, all in context of content.
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