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Like Joel Schumacher's unmade "Batman Triumphant" (or whatever the actual title would have been), or Tim Burton's "Superman Lives", every single thing I've ever read about what was planned for Raimi's "Spider-Man 4" makes it sound like it would set new records for F*cking Terrible.

It's all for the best that none of those movies ever got made, and we only romanticize them and convince ourselves that "Hey, MAYBE they would have been good!" simply because we never got them, and sometimes it's nice to dream and play "What If?".

I like Raimi in general, but I'm not a mark. He's not always good and sometimes he's kind of dumb. He had exactly enough good ideas for two Spider-Man movies, and that's all. Spider-Man 3 is rock-solid proof of that. Go read up on some of what Spider-Man 4 would have been, or could have been. There's no justifying some of those ideas. It would have made 3 look better by comparison, but like... nah. Raimi was out of gas.

Obviously any "Spider-Man 4" he would theoretically make "tomorrow" or whenever wouldn't be 1:1 with the movie he would have made a decade-plus ago, but I doubt that he suddenly realized why his bad ideas were indeed Bad.

Also, Tobey already looked like a pudgy, weepy lesbian 10+ years ago and I really, REALLY don't ever want to see him play Spider-Man again. Like Ever. I don't care how popular those movies are, you will never convince me that he wasn't completely terrible and completely miscast. BLECH.

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