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"Social experiments"

So, in the last few years, Youtube has been full of "Social experiment" kinds of videos. Basically, they're scenarios whereby a couple of more people play a role in public in order to see how others will react. Often they involve scenarios such as one person being openly racist or homophobic to another and seeing if anyone will stand up to the bully and stand up for the victim. Then, before things get out of hand, the actors give away the game and tell the passer-by "it's a video!"

It's not that new of a concept tbh. It's basically a more elaborate version of pranks. Remember when prank videos were the hottest thing around in YouTube. Social experiments are probably based on shows like the ABC show What Would You Do?

What do you think of those kind of videos? I can understand the curiosity, but most of the time they're made by people who are 18-22 years old just trying to get some views on youtube. It's not like they're "legitimate" psychology experiments to help a study. Basically they just show us that some people like to get more involved than others. And some people just end up looking bad in those videos. I doubt such "Social experiments" change the minds of anyone.

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