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Well, here's a four page update in which we'll reach the magic 150.

It's not bragging if you can back it up, Konami is wearing a super hero costume but DOES have the skills to do that suit justice.

Out of all the new pages in this update, this took me the longest, that first panel was a B!%# to get right.

Well, no matter how good you happen to be, there's always going to be somebody who's better.

Kraang Subprime for his part is way above of what Konami is capable of and also isn't too shy about letting Konami know.

A ninja is always prepared for any eventually that comes their way. As is Konami, her suit has a secret.

AND a ninja also relies on the element of surprise, as demonstrated by April here...

Well then, the big moment, here's page 150

Well, here we are, 150 pages and I have inspiration to spare.

In the IDW series, Baxter Stockman made cyborg mutant flies which are completely bad ass. So I figured that it would be cool in incorporate them in my story too but different from those fly mutants, mine are the size of a fly, a perfect spying device.
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