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Originally Posted by Dask View Post
I've been going on an unboxing spree with Thundercats (the last wave of TC is perfect!) and NECA and Super7 TMNT. I was just wondering why the S7 TMNT figures don't have holes in their feet and whether that's the case with all of them (I preordered a ton but only have GIT Baxter, April, Rocksteady and Metalhead)?
I'd have to check when I got home but I think it's a line wide thing and none of them have holes.

Originally Posted by Dask View Post
Or really shake things up and introduce Rasputin or Attila first with unique designs that draw from different toad and frog species (or consultation with Varner to see if they have something in their database).
I'd be all for that! Really excited to see some of those holes in the line filled in.

Originally Posted by Spidergreg View Post
I'm buying all these figures purely out of nostalgia.
So if they're gonna be making unique designs, that's an easy pass for me.

I respect that. Personally I'm probably the opposite. I have no nostalgia for most of the variants and some of the vintage characters that never appeared in comics or show so they're easy skips for me. But one of the things I loved about MOTUC was how deep it went and getting those missing characters in that style. Like Chote (or Shoate as the toyline called him), the Mirage fan in me really needs a Savanti Romero to go with him and I think Savanti would look great in the vintage style. The missing frogs like Dask mentioned, the final mutanimals, Ninjara, Karai, Armaggon, etc. There's so many major secondary characters who never got a figure back in the day and the idea of getting them in this line really excites me.
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