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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Not 100% they raised the age to 21. They kinda did it on the sly too as far as i know. I don't remember them mentioning it in the news or anything, I just saw a notice posted at the local grocery store. I guess it's to further keep kids from picking it up...because we know that when the age was 18 that totally worked. I'm kind of surprised it hasn't been out and out banned, but there must be enough pull from Big Tobacco to keep it on the market.
Tbh there was not hi g preventing underage kids form buying tobacco from machines here back when I was a kid. All you had to do was insert the money, press the button of the pack of cigs you wanted and voila.

But nowadays those machines are more electronic and hot like chocolate or water/soda machines anymore. I've seen people using them at caf├ęs and such before and they have to ask the owner or one of waiters/staff to unlock it or something. That's probably done in order to precisely avoid 14 year olds from buying tobacco.

When I was in 9th grade, we ate at this food place at the mall one time. One of my classmates, who was also 14, asked for beer with his fries and hotdog and the woman behind the counter didn't even flinch. She served him the beer. Sure, he looked considerably older for his age, already having a beard and everything, but he wasn't even asked for ID. Plus, me and another classmate of his were there too and both of us certainly did NOT look 18+.
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