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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
Anything by Dan Slott post 2010 is mostly s*it. The story made everyone in Peter's circle and in the superhero community look like idiots for a year and it ended in the most mean-spirited way possible.

Success is no measure of quality. The main Spider book didn't keep those fans when it finished, and the Superior Spider-Man title they launched later was quickly cancelled. It was a gimmick with a limited shelf life
Success is a measure of quality on some level. Other then that, all you have is subjectivity, which is great, but there's no way to measure it.
The main Spider book not keeping fans after Superior Spider-Man is indicative of the book after Superior Spider-Man, not of Superior Spider-Man itself. Superior Spider-Man brought in a lot of new readers. And yes, the book lost them when it ended - that actually speaks to my point, as opposed to yours.

I've seen the complaint of Pete's inner-circle acting dumb for not realizing that Dr. Octopus had taken over Pete's body, and while I accept it as a complaint, I think it's overblown.

How often do you suspect that your friend has been body-snatched? It's much easier to chalk things up to Peter turning into a jerk.
Sure, you can point out that fact that 'we are in the Marvel universe, where anything is possible, and his friends should know to suspect that someone has taken over his body', but I think suspension of disbelief is just going to vary on that one. Again, I understand the complaint, but it seems nitpicky to me. It's going to take a **** load to make me suspect that my friend has had his body taken over by someone else. Most people would never consider this.

It wasn't perfect, and it ended in rather lackluster fashion, but it was an exciting moment in comics that built a lot of anticipation and created a lot of fun discussion and theories online. It was bold to have Doc Ock take over as Spider-Man for as long as they did, as least compared to just how sterile the rest of the industry has become. Keep in mind, this was before Marvel Now really kicked off and we had each of our heroes being replaced by someone else, typically female. It actually felt pretty fresh back in 2012.

Again, this is why they took him off the book
I'm not sure what your point is here. I'm not vouching for King's Batman like you think I am. I simply appreciate the effort DC went through to get King on the book in the first place. He was a promising choice and you don't see Marvel going after Morrison, King, or Snyder for Spider-Man. A for effort.

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