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I've now read ASM#60

Peter uses the acting technique to vent on everything that he's been before and after Harry's return, how he can't stop the darkness growing stronger despite every status quo shift, from being an Avenger to being the head of Parker Industries, he always ends up in a poorer place afterwards, he reassess himself and begs Harry to tell him what to do next, to help him understand, he wants his friend back and will confess anything he can remember to make that happen. He breaks down and Mary Jane comforts him.

MJ tells Peter she's going to stay in New York and help him heal up mentally, Peter heads off to attend class while MJ sticks around the theatre and talks to Mysterio, who was eavesdropping. The two have a working partnership. MJ wants to tell Peter she's working with Beck but feels there's too much going on with Kindred, and she wants Beck to come clean about his involvement with him as she strongly suspects he is associated with Harry.

As previously spoiled above, Doctor Strange returns from the astral plane and has a talk with Mephisto in Vegas. Mephisto doesn't know who Kindred is, but Strange wants to know a more important thing...who has tampered with the soul of Peter Parker

Despite my previous frustrations, I'd say Spencer is definitely in the top five tier of Spidey writers now in my view, he 'gets' Mary Jane more than any other current Marvel writer, and I love how he keeps MJ likeable despite her dealing with secrets that could really test Peter's faith in her. It's a good thing we had the Amazing MJ series prior to this that gave us more insight into MJ's motivations, otherwise I'd be pretty scared...but she cares about both sides and is taking charge of everyone's wants and needs.
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