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It was some nice character work but the book looks like it's trying to write a cheque that Spencer will never be able to cash. Peter going all meta and realising that no matter what major changes happen in his life from different romances, different jobs, owning a company, working with different super hero teams he always ends up single, broke, loner superhero working at the Bugle. Even if Spencer does undo the Mephisto none of that is going to change. One More Day was a symptom of this problem not the cause.

I didn't read the Mary Jane series so I missed why she is working with Mysterio but it seems bad that she seems to know a lot about what is going on with the metaphysical forces manipulating Peter which seems at odds with her in being in love with him. I wonder if at the end of this the Mephisto is null and void only for Peter to reject MJ for not being honest with him.
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