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Amazing Spider-Man: King's Ransom

So it turns out Boomerang had been playing a long con the entire time to secure the lifeline tablet. Fisk had hired him before the Archivist had recruited him. Once Fred had the location of the fragments burned into his brain, Fisk sprung a trap and killed the Archivist, Fred was upset about that. The Archivist however revealed that he put an enchantment spell, meaning only a pure and true hero could secure the Fred earned Peter's trust and sprung a trap with the lethal foes once Peter passed the test and retrieved the final part of the tablet.

And if that's not bad enough, his friends tell him they're excuse for dropping by the apartment was to evict him due to constant attack from super villains. Peter thinks it isn't the end of the world, all Fisk wants to do is bring back his wife right? His friends, however, are clearly aware that Fisk has used the tablet to bring back his son Richard Fisk, The Rose is back!
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