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Originally Posted by Peanut View Post
Also, did Xros Wars ever air or anything? Again, it never ever came to Canada, but I don't know that it even aired to completion in the US. I've watched 4 or 5 episodes on Crunchyroll, but it seems not so great.
I don't know anything about Canada but in America Xros Wars is pretty hard to find and its called Digimon Fusion for the west. It currently airs on Nicktoons Network a network not on allot of cable packages. Its also on the CW's kids block Vortex but that's going to be replaced with infomercials soon so I'm not really counting it. Tell the truth just stick with crunchy roll the dubb is awful this comes from a guy who loves most dubbs. This is also the most edited Digimon series to date. I'm talking they out 4Kids in editing I mean editing Lilymon's and Omnimon's cloths because there supposedly too sexual suggestive.

Also all the Digimon seasons from season one to Data Squad have all been released on DVD. But the DVD is english dubb only and so far I have heard no info of a uncut subbed release ever happening. Kinda shocked Monster Rancher can get an uncut subbed version but not Digimon.

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