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Characters that never appeared in the show that you would have liked to see

Any characters the Nick show never used at all that you would have liked to see? I have a few:

1. Man Ray. Very surprised he never appeared at all except in Mike's imagination of the Archie one. He was the unofficial leader of the Mutanimals in Archie, he's in the IDW Mutanimals now too, and he was one of the major parts of the original toyline. He could have easily been part of the Mutanimals as an aquatic mutant to battle Fishface with.

2. Battle Nexus concept in general, although I don't care if they used the Ultimate Ninja or not. Would have been nice to see a tournament arc in Nick at some point.

3. Groundchuck/Dirtbag. This is mostly nostalgia but I always liked their designs in the original show, videogames and toyline.

4. Nobody. I don't care for the Justice Force, but I'm kinda surprised Nobody is one of the Mirage characters the show never touched. Might have been interesting to see a human vigilante out there helping the Turtles fight.

I'm also surprised they never used something like a Giant Mouser. It was a popular choice in the old videogames and IDW had one too. Seeing Baxter unleash a Giant Mouser on the Turtles would have been cool.
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