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Originally Posted by DevilSpooky View Post
Yes, it is, if you're willing to go through some hoops to get it.

- Create an new account on your PS3, it has to be the Hong Kong PSN.
- Download the demo and let it install.
- Buy a HK$80 PSN card.
- Redeem the code you get in your e-mail on the HK PSN.
- Buy the unlock key.
- Now you can log out and go into your main account and enjoy the game.

As long as you don't delete the HK PSN account and the game you'll be able to play it anytime you want on your main one, also make sure you follow this steps in the order I posted them, because if you buy the unlock key before you donwload the Demo you won't be able to play it, you would need to create a second HK account to download it to use the Unlock key you bought on the first one. And yes, the game will be in English and you'll be able to play online.
Interesting, thanks! May sound like a noob question, but how do you create a HK PSN account?
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