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That's awesome, thanks for the heads-up!

The "good" thing about these LJN figures, is that they used pretty common and "cheap" paints - which is both why they rub off so easily AND are so easy to color-match. 99.9999% of any red they have, for example, matches perfectly with basic Apple Barrel "Bright Red" you can get at Walmart for under a buck. On "better" figures I prefer to use something good like Testors, but the "cheap stuff" both matches and adheres to this type of figure REALLY well. By contrast, the "good paints" often don't color-match as well. I go over all painted areas with Mod Podge to seal the paint, which is something I don't think LJN bothered to do at the factory since the factory paint rubs off of these damn things if you so much as look at them funny, and again that type of sealant works really well on these particular figures.

Given how incredibly hard it is to find these figures in GOOD shape, and how common some of them are, so long as there are no huge nicks or dents in the rubber I have no problem picking up a figure like Junk Yard Dog that's in such rough shape and just giving it a full makeover. For a $5 beat-up figure and 50 cents worth of paint I can have something that looks like new! And if you've never done this kind of thing before, I can say that you just plain look at and feel differently about toys after you've fixed them up. Cool Toys are Cool Toys but the toys I've put work into touching up or restoring are now "Special".

Glad you like 'em! I got some more in the works, and I'm picking up a few more this weekend. I need like 40 more guys to complete the line, so I'll be at this for a WHILE.

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