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I know! There's about 65 individual characters/sculpts in the LJN WWF line and about 70 figures altogether, counting repaints for guys like Hogan with shirt, S.D. Jones, and the Referee. Everyone except the British Bulldogs was available on a single card, with them being the only Tag Team Exclusive. It's pretty overwhelming! Even with a good number of the earlier ones being more common, it'll take me years to collect them all, I figure.

I love the WWF Hasbros as well, I have a lot more of those. Still missing a bunch of them from the later sets but I think I have like 3/4s of the line. I think Million Dollar Man is still fairly common as he was an earlier figure; finding him with the Million Dollar Belt might be tricky, though.

My Hasbro ring is very beat-up from all the use it got, but I recently got some repro stickers and new ropes, so I plan on doing a full restoration in the near future. That'll be fun.

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