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Sheesh, I had to split this update up into two posts!

My primary goal during the trip to Idaho (besides visiting old friends, of course) was to utilize the tank parked out in front of the National Guard as a stand-in for Krang's HQ for a sequence I call Attack the Technodrome:

I'm pretty happy with the sense of scale.

Alright. Whew! We're just about done with this mammoth update.

To close, I want to share three portraits of something that is almost unprecedented in my hobby: a custom I actually painted. Admittedly, it was just a simple paint wash, but it was my first, and it felt rather high-stakes, considering the toy in question cost about $200!

Basically, I popped the head from a Funko Pop Metalhead onto the Titans Return Omega Supreme for a behemoth I call either Metalhead Omega or Mega Metalhead (or, as a friend on Instagram suggested, Metalhead Supreme!):

It was a rushed, sloppy job (I forgot to wipe the paint off his bicep, ha ha), but I'm pretty happy with the final result.

Thank you for still being willing to pay attention to this self-indulgent old thread!

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