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No, I didn't stop collecting, I've just been letting tons of stuff pile up.

First up, some stuff I picked up at the flea market a few weeks ago, starting with the Toy Biz/Marvel Toys "TNA Wrestling Impact" Kevin Nash!

Not sure why he's posed so awkwardly in the box, other than he's quite a bit taller than the other figures in the line. Toy Biz always made pretty good Nash figures all the way back to the WCW line in 1998, and this is another good one. Crewcut Nash isn't my favorite look for him, but the likeness is good and there's some nice detailed sculpting on the "leather" pants. The tattoo detail is good as well. In fact, all the little details are SO good, it's a real shame that they didn't give him his elbow pad and wrist tape. They were usually a lot better than that. Otherwise, it's a really good Nash figure.

Next up, Kenny Omega from the Jazwares "AEW: Unrivaled" line:

I'm honestly not a huge Omega fan, but he's a "main character" and tough to find so when I found him I jumped. These figures are pretty good. I only have a couple so far because I can't buy everything.

Next, a mix of Old School and New School, with AJ Styles and Wendi Richter from the Mattel "WWE Elite" Series!

Not much to say about AJ; they've made a ton of different figures for him and they're all pretty good, but this is the first one I bothered picking up.

Wendi is the bigger deal, simply because I'm pretty sure this is the first figure she's ever had. They did a great job with everything, from the likeness (complete with eyeshadow) to her iconic WrestleMania I outfit (including her sunglasses). The Women's Title belt is the wrong color I think but ah well. Too bad there's no Cyndi Lauper figure to go with it!

Switching gears, we've got the new Ultimate Warrior and Stephanie McMahon from the Mattel "Masters of the WWE Universe" line!

This is the second Warrior in the line, and has a different-colored outfit along with a cape. I like the first Warrior better, but this one's pretty cool too.

Stephanie as Evil-Lyn is... very fitting. That's really all I can say about that!

Keeping in the same line, I managed to get a great deal on The Man Called STING!

He generally goes for a ton but my flea market buddies hooked me up for $20! Great Sting figure, I love that they gave him his Starrcade '97 outfit... but I hate that they didn't give him gloves!

FYI, the "Masters of WWE Universe" line is going to be ending very soon, so I advise anyone who's into these to get the ones you're missing while you can, they're gonna skyrocket soon.

Switching gears completely, we're going back to 1989 with a classic figure from the Toy Biz "Batman" line: Bob the Goon!

Oddly enough, I never had this one as a kid, which is strange because he was a common peg-warmer and I could've bought ten of them if I wanted to. They've definitely gone way up in price but I got a good deal on this one.

More Random DC Stuff... here we have Reverse-Flash from the Hasbro "JLA" line!

This was, I believe, a ToyFare Exclusive mail-away figure. This one's still in its original bag and mailer box! It's just a recolor of their Flash figure but still really cool.

Jumping ahead to something more recent, we have this Christopher Reeve Superman from the 3.75-inch Mattel "DC Multiverse" line!

Not a bad likeness for the scale, but it's very annoying that they never made a Reeve Superman figure in the "full-sized" 6-inch "Multiverse" line. As it is, hardly any Reeve Superman figures exist at all and this is one of the few.

Still more DC stuff, with this awesome Darkseid from the Mattel "DC Super-Heroes" line!

I paid more than I wanted for this, but pretty much all Darkseid figures have shot up in price lately. Everything about it is awesome, the only downside is that scale-wise he's about the same size as every other character in the line, where he should be quite a bit taller. They later rectified this by making him a "Collect & Connect" figure in the "DCU Classics" line, but this is still a really great Darkseid figure.


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