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Jumping ahead a few years to the Mattel "DC Multiverse" line, we have this Super-Friends Aquaman!

Pretty much just a repaint of their regular Aquaman figure, but pretty neat.

More DC Multiverse figures; moving on to some villains, we've got The Joker and Poison Ivy!

These figures came out as part of a Batman 80th Anniversary wave. Poison Ivy is a little plain, but the "vines" that wrap around her arms help make her a bit more dynamic.

Interestingly, this Joker is directly inspired by the one that came out in the 1989 Toy Biz line, complete with cane and "squirting" flower. A neat follow-up to their "DC Universe Classics" Joker, which was directly based on the 1980s Kenner "Super-Powers" line!

Still more Multiverse figures! Back to the heroes side, we have Kyle Rayner and "Kingdom Come Superman!

These were stupidly expensive.

Great Kyle figure, ALMOST comics-perfect except they kind of cheaped out by giving him a more simplified chest emblem, but it's still a great figure. Kingdom Come Superman looks a bit young in the face, but otherwise just about perfect. Mattel's face likenesses were never in the same league as the DC Direct stuff, but they still looked good.

Even more DC stuff! Now we have some Mattel "DC Universe Classics" figures, Martian Manhunter and Eclipso!

Eclipso has a tiny head, but otherwise, some more near-perfect Classics figures.

Up next, a double-dose of Sinestro! Both full-scale and small-scale, from the Mattel "DC Universe Classics" & "DC Infinite Heroes" lines!

They made a Sinestro for "Classics" in his classic attire as well, but this one was cheaper. I got the "Infinite Heroes" one cheap because the box is banged up.

From "Classics" to... well, "Kinda-Classics But not Exactly", with this Cyborg Superman & Mongul Two-Pack!

So, these are awesome figures with some great likeness and detailing. The only thing is, they're technically not "Classics" despite being released under that branding. They're just repackaged versions of the exact same figures from the earlier "DC Super-Heroes line", and as such they don't have the same build or articulation as "real" Classics". As such, Cyborg Superman still has the very controversial "bowl-legged" stance many of those earlier figures had, but Mattel never bothered to do a "proper" Classics version of him, so this is as good as it gets. This two-pack was much cheaper than buying the two "DC Super-Heroes" single-carded figures separately.

One More DC set, and it's a beauty! It's the "Gotham City 5" set from the DC Universe Classics line!

This set is EPIC! First up, you get a great Superman figure. You also get a pretty good Batman, even though it's technically not comics-accurate since Batman never wore black deco with his "yellow oval" costume. Two-Face and Catwoman are repaints of their single-card "DC Super-Heroes" figures, and are otherwise unavailable in the "Classics" line. Two-Face is in the same colors as his old Toy Biz figure, which is another nice throwback. But perhaps the real "star" of this set is the Silver Age Lex Luthor figure, which is completely unique to this box set!

This set was over $100 but definitely worth every penny of it!


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