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Originally Posted by Bigfoot View Post
Can you guys post pics? I mean its cool reading what other people are buying, but lets show some pics...
If you insist.

Personally, I like to add mini-reviews/thoughts if I've had time to mess with them, regardless if I have pics.

Here's who's in the picture (Left to right, back row first)

Altitude - Like him more than I thought I would. The grampy old man face sells it. Plus, good reuse of parts. Just wish the hose on the mask plugged into something.

Hit & Run - This is the worst Joe I've gotten in a long time. Everything's reused from other figures and the parts used don't even work together (and some of them are crap to begin with). Plus, the duffel bag with retractable grappling hook isn't here.

Chuckles - They got the shirt right and that's about it (and some will say they didn't do that right either). The appeal of the original was the working shoulder holster. This one doesn't work and there's no excuse for it not to work. But I digress, I got him because the custom that represents my brother uses the original as a base. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the gear of the old custom fits.

Outback (Night Force) - Have the other Outback already. I normally hate sub-team repaints, but this one may be my favorite of the two. Plus, like Chuckles I've been using Outback's head as my own for a long time. Finally, upgrade time!

Wet-Suit - Not bad, but unless. I've never had much use for the niche Joes like Snow Job and Torpedo. Still, I've never owned this mold, so it ain't all bad.

Range Viper - Great reused parts, great new part, a grenade launcher, nice colors, and a mask that will give me nightmares. This guy is awesome!

Recondo - He has what is is known as "Duke arms" in the GI Joe fandom. The horror. Seriously though, it ain't that bad (for once). I do believe this is the first set of "fixed" Duke arms I've had, but I'm not sure if the upper arms are from the fixed duke arms or a different figure. If all fixed duke arms are like this, then I'm opening my Doc with the fixed arms.

Zap - I get sick of green in GI Joe real quick. I couldn't care less about the "first 13" because most of them look the same. This Zap, on the other hand, rocks. The new parts make him full of win. The bazooka is awesome and the missiles fit into the thing and can store on the backpack. The belt is really nice too. His head makes him look like he's from France (nothing wrong with that imo).

Night Creeper - Nothing like a ninja...from the desert? Not sure why, but I think desert ninja when I look at him. Think it's the hood. Odd colors and I don't like the arms, but overall a good figure. The vest and the crossbow make it worth it.

Alley Viper - I already had one, but if I haven't said it before, I love this figure. It's a huge shame this figure didn't get single carded. The only thing keeping this from being the best Joe figure ever made is the hook gun. It doesn't connect to the backpack even though it's meant to. Still very much worth buying.
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