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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
Console gaming is dying though, it's all going to switch to a chromecast/roku type device and streamed in the future.

VR will of course catch on, it's indeed too expensive right now but all technology gets cheaper. HTC is releasing a phone/computerless VR headset this fall. That's where things are going. Does it look goofy? Sure but not if you're playing. Selfie sticks are goofy but people actually use them.

VR is a very exciting future technology and the naysayers will eventually be proven wrong. It'll take a while but I think in ten years VR will be as readily available as smartphones today. VR is more than gaming, in fact I have a VR start up called Wear Vear and I'm really excited, not because right now it's the thing but because it will be the thing.

As far as gaming, I really like it, it's really immersive and fun, it has a few problems, for example I actually want to move physically and it's odd to move with a controller and because of space/safety/technology no game will ever let you walk around it unless it's a huge stage designed only for VR, it's also weird when you look down and can't see yourself. But it's awesome and we'll be seeing more of it in down the line.
I bet you thought mobile was taking over console gaming too.
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