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Glad to see you post that here, Peanut. I was just about to create a thread for it, but gaming new's like that doesn't seem to generate too much interest around here, sadly, so it probably doesn't need one. Yup, Gamespot was the first video-game website I frequently visited. That Gerstmann incident was a real eye-opener for me, regarding the workings of the game industry.

Gerstmann rocks though. Giant Bomb is a pretty great site. Was anyone else surprised to see Jeff give Syndicate 5/5 and ME3 4/5? I haven't played either so I'm not even making a judgement call. It's great that he reviews games based on his actual opinion of them. I just found it interesting.

Anyways, while my stomach twists and turns for Ninja Gaiden 3's probable disappointment, I decided to just start Ninja Gaiden Sigma again. Next to Metal Gear Solid and Mario, this has got to be one of my favorite game series. The action feels so good. It's hard for me to describe, but compared to other action games, they really nail the "feel" and weight of the character. I love Devil May Cry and God of war, but I feel like a plastic action figure in those games.

EDIT: I agree that it would be cool to have a "Gaming new's" thread. Personally, I don't see the advantage of having both the "Latest video game purchases" and "Currently playing" threads. They seem like they could probably be merged.

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