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I'm so crazy excited for this game and that preview somehow hyped me more! It sounds like it'll be more Diddy Kong (Best kart racer ever) and less Mario Kart, which sounds great. All of the stuff about how this is even more of a love letter to Sega fans also sounds crazy exciting. However, I was still hoping they'd take the step to not make it a "kart" racer in the sense that everyone drives. AiAi rolling in a monkey ball, Sonic running, that kind of thing. Opa-Opa flew around in the first one, so I was hoping they'd take that direction.

Aside from that, I'm so happy this is geting made. I just hope they don't take out any of the existing racers, unless they're the sh*tty Sonic characters or the the dumb House of the Dead duo. I main Bonanza Bros.!
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