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Air Grab

Working on Bebop's Air Grabs now. Been watching a bunch of videos of Android 16 from Dragon Ball Fighter Z, informing a more mobile-grappler sensibility for Bebop going forward combo-ing into/out of grabs. Here's my Air Grab animation, I'll sprite a back breaker knee version as well...

Butt Dance based on Boggy from Global Champion.

This is currently just a winpose but it could be used in an attack animation; maybe Bebop could shoot out his Mace Ball like a yo-yo from his hand positions with this one...

Crossed Arms Cocky Pose is updated. Bebop's mouth now moves, pose looks a bit more natural

I'll have to put a heavy focus on Bebop taunting / smack talking during his attacks, or maybe even saying something silly when he fails to connect or falls on his face. This was one of my favorite parts of Balthazar, Jango and Team Z2 's Hercule/Satan Z2. There so many funny audio clips and sight gags, It'll be tough getting audio for Bebop though. I can't find any clips that are loud enough and in that classic cartoon heavy voice that I like (JB Smoove is a great talent but he doesn't really fit for me here, could be a cool idea for an alternate palette specific voice pack though). I might have to ask if any of you aspiring voice actors out therr in contributor land can do an original Bebop voice specifically for the character? It'd be a great help here... I don't exactly have a script as of yet though.

More to come, stay tuned...
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