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Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Also, I know it's "controversial" for some people but I'm glad that they actually just have Fatalities listed in the Moves List with the newer games. That always annoyed me as a kid, having to buy or borrow magazines and write all the stuff down; I get that for some people finding all the "secrets" was part of the fun but I always would have rather they just put them in the instruction manual or something. Back in those days I'd only have rented a game like MK for a weekend and I didn't want to spend my entire time with it fumbling around trying to find the magic button combo for Sub-Zero's finisher. It's more fun to just do the thing, for me.
I don't like that you need to unlock them in the Krypt.
Especially in MK11 where prizes are randomly generated.

Also, any analogies between real world and fighting games don't make sense since in real world your won't be able to shoot energy from your hands, casually jump over people or wake up after 10-hit combo.
Now with 200,1% more poison!
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