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I'm pretty sure I found out about the Nerd here at the Drome after his TMNT review. I loved it and watched his previous videos. Back in the day youtube series' weren't really a thing so I thought it was a "we'll never see videos from him again", so I was suprised when he kept making more and got into other Screwattack shows like GameJew and hated all the youtube copycats which you still see plenty of influences of "angry" reaviewers of things not just video games.

I loved his show and when it moved to Gametrailers he indeed tried to make the show have more skits which people hated but I loved since by this point I was tired of the "angry gamer" and liked how he spiced it up with random stories in between. Sadly after a while he decided to go "back to basics" and from then on I kind of lost interest since they weren't as funny and there were no skits anymore, during this time he barely produced AVGN videos so I still watched them whenever they came out but that's about it. Only recently did I begin to enjoy his AVGN episodes again.

As for the movie, I was really looking forward to it and waited forever. Since I had always been a fan of his skits I thought an entire movie of it would be great but man did I hate it, I don't remember what I thought about the movie except I didn't like it but you can probably find my review of it here on the drome thread.

As far as his video games I played the first one and it's too f-cking difficult but that's the joke, the game is nothing special just a difficult Mega Man clone with AVGN/geeky and of course the overdone "8 bit" raphics. So it's a bit generic but the AVGN license makes it stand out over other "retro" indie games. I'll get the sequel eventually.

I enjoy a lot of the Cinemassacre content that James does like Monster Madness, and other movie reviews but not all. And I really dislike Mike, he comes off as trying too hard.

It's crazy that I've watched him for over ten years though and a shame he isn't bigger, I mean he literally started the whole "youtuber" scene before it ever began but because he left for a while he kind of lost that. I've wanted to re-watch all the AVGN episodes but there are so many I think I'll need to make a list of essential ones, but maybe I'll ask around since I don't really remember which ones were good.
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