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The Official Bootleg thread

Hi, all.
First of all, some sort of introduction: I live in Serbia, Eastern Europe, a place that's heaven on earth for bootleg collectors. I' ve joined these boards just to share the excitement of my TMNT bootleg finds with you . Hope you like them!

Before we go onto the pics, a disclaimer: these toys belog to my four- years old son, so they are far from mint condition, but, as you'll see, some of them stand up pretty well to the test of time (considering that the 1st wave is almost 3 years old).

It all started back in 2003, i think, with those four bad boys:

As you can see, they all share the same body colour. Their belts are just painted on and cannot be removed. As for the accessories, they all LOOKED the same as the originals, but there were some problems - eg. Don's axe and sword cannot be attached to the bo, Leo had only one suction cup and Mike's and Raph's climing thingies don't work at all. Here's the pic of two different types of their backs:

They all came on the same looking card - Mike w/bio card on the back, all 4 turtles on the front. (BTW, these were the toys I tried to send to TMNTgal who I know from, but things didn't quite work out since... well, let's just say that the great number of bootlegs is the smallest of this country's problems ).

Some time later, we got this Shredder (whose legs can't move) and Splinter, mounted on the same card as the original 4 turtles - the cardback also featured a Foot Soldier whom I could never find:

A while later, I found this Giant Mike. Like the rest of the turtles released with him, he came with one pair of nunchukus (?), one bo staff and one katana sword. On his chest, you can see a red light that, activated by pressing a button below his belt:

There was nothing new for a while, but then this month alone I found... (continued in a new post)....

EDIT: These pics seem to be much larger than I expected. I'll edit the post in a few minutes. Sorry if I'm breaking any image size rules!
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