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Originally Posted by Katie View Post
*flourish of trumpets* Some guy in a British accent: Make way for the Queen!!!!

Howdy mav. I'm Katie. *whispers*I'm only a queen by association...but this guy keeps following me around....maybe it's a sign

Welcome to the Technodrome!!!!!!!!!!! I see that the parade of crazies has led you to my smoothie bar. It's the place where all the really cool newbies hang out...and YOU found it

Step up to the bar and have the frosty beverage of your choice. (may I recommend Raspberry mango?) I'll give you a shot of vanilla Ice cream in there for free

AND, my MOST important job....*hands you a * I pass out the welcome mangos!!!

Have fun and post often

*trumpets and flourish* The man again: All hail Queen Katie!!!!

rasberry mango sounds good!

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