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Like, stupid rich.
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Originally Posted by plastroncafe View Post
At the end of the day it's just semantics, but to me blaming the temptation is like saying one had no control.
One has control, one just decided not to heed it.
It's...cowardly passing of the buck.
All fair points. Well said.
For me it's a matter of money.
Do I want my money going into the pocket of someone I find abhorrent?
I can understand that reservation. But again, when speaking in terms of film or television where Joss doesn't get nearly every nickel and dime when someone buys a Buffy boxset, would you condemn the other producers and distributors by association?

I suppose there's always...

Never take what I say personally. It's a TMNT message board full of grown ass men. Lighten up.

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