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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
I clicked on one of those and got about 30 virus/trojan warnings.
Another link:

Originally Posted by DestronMirage22 View Post
Illusions was great. I like the art and the story was interesting, seeing the positions switched.
Always dug fan comics like this and hope more of yours in English will be available soon.
Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
That "Illusions" story certainly has a surprising twist! I kinda like seeing April reimagined as a mob boss. Makes me want to see how Splinter and Baxter Stockman would fit in that universe. Thanks for sharing the English version, Artem!

The alternative universe is an interesting "what if?" but I'm looking forward to seeing the Ultimate TMNT Adventures storyline continue!
Thank you very much! This summer we will release "Origins #2: Shredder & Splinter" in Russian, after that we will work on the English versions of "Origins" #1 and #2. And I hope that by next year we will translate all our other comics.
Sorry for my bad English
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