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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
It'd be like if Nintendo kept releasing an "Upgrade Kit" for the original NES every couple of years.
They did it for NES, but in Japan only and it lead to rampant piracy and was plagued with technical problems.

They've tried to do it for SNES and its production was an utter disaster and led to creation of Sony PlayStation. And due to the failure of Sega CD and Sega 32X Nintendo lost interest in making any expansions for the SNES.

And they've tried it again with N64, which led to DD, which took so long to develop and was released so late, that it had only 6 games (3 of them Mario Paint expansions, I think) and gathered 0 interest from anyone.

Aside from that, developing new consoles takes more time and money nowadays, so I won't be surprised, if this new generation will last longer. I am personally OK with that.
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