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Yeah I agree with you Leo, but the producers don't care about Green, for them he's just a puppet. Jonathan Liebesman is the wort director I've ever seen, it's unbelievable how bad his work is. The only persons who care a little bit about the turtles are the actors who play them. Too sad they think they're doing a "good movie".

Oh yea I'm sure Peter Laird felt totally raped when he watched this movie.
The worst concern the people who defend the 2014 movie. All they have to say is : "It's a TMNT movie, what did you expect ?"
I answer this : "Hmm maybe a TMNT movie ?"
or they say this : "It's a kid movie, what did you expect ?"
I answer this : "My god you fools ! The toy story series is supposed to be for kids and it's one of the most touching masterpiece I've ever seen in my whole life!" Kids aren't stupid but producers think they are...

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