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While I don't know of any character or vintage figure for whom he can substitute, McFarlane's Manga Overtkill is a beautiful mechanical menace, and towers over the Turtles in a satisfying manner.

Meanwhile, my daughter and I just watched Revenge, the most recent DVD release of the Nickelodeon series, which leads up to the season currently airing, concerning the Turtles in space. While I've never read any of the comics or seen any of the old cartoons that placed the Turtles in outer space, it always struck me as an odd storytelling notion, and it's never appealed to me much, although I'm definitely willing to give the Nick version the benefit of the doubt; for all its many issues, the Nickelodeon series is for my money the best animated take on the Ninja Turtles thus far.

Anyhoo, despite my antipathy towards the Turtles-in-Space theme, I'm inexplicably drawn to the space-themed toys... which is all the more odd when you consider that my Nick Turtles boast that grimy, detailed, realistic paint weathering courtesy of Heymilt, and the more cartoony, screen-accurate figures have never appealed to me.

Sensible or no, I am mightily tempted by the Target-exclusive Metal Mutants five-pack, which is currently reduced to thirty dollars. I am also thinking of skipping the woefully undersized Fugitoid ship in favor of a much larger (and discounted!) ship from some TV series on Disney, Junior. Look at how much larger it is than the Fugitoid ship:

Also, I just ordered the eleven-inch Leonardo in space gear. In my defense, he's reduced to less than eight dollars on Amazon, with free shipping for Prime accounts or with any purchase totaling $49 or more. Maybe that giant figure will get the space theme out of my system and save me some money.

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