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Originally Posted by Voltron View Post
Simon's going to be difficult, since his stories were always solo.
An adaptation of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest seems feasible. Like episode 1 would be the end of the first game, then the rest of the season is him dealing with his curse, going all over town and the land getting all the pieces of Dracula to resurrect him and finish the job in the season finale.

I'd imagine we'd get more of the metroid-vania adaptations as time goes on. Potrait of Ruin, Harmony of Dissonance. . . those have more to work with, even though they're less popular.
You think they'd touch those? Maybe. I'd rather see them eventually get to and explore "Castlevania: Bloodlines." It's got a pretty cool premise. The son of Quincey Morris from Bram Stoker's Dracula teaming with a spearsman from Italy against a resurrected Dracula AND Elizabeth Bathory, with stops all over the world.

My guess is we get Rondo of Blood into Symphony of the Night before we're out.
Yeah, that will definitely be covered. The way they Symphony of the Night-ed Castlevania III tells you very much what their favorite Castlevania game is.

But it's going to be weird with Dracula being so humanized. There's kind of a weird plot twist at the end of this season that really makes me wonder if how Drac is going to respond to the whole resurrection thing. . .
I haven't seen any of season 3 yet but after 2, I figured every time he resurrects he will be "less human."

Anybody else disappointed we don't see any of the other Castlevania villains in this? Throughout the whole series, Death is like the #2 bad guy and he's a total no show (or does he pop into season 3?). And I can understand them not wanting to put Frankenstein's monster and the Mummy in the show... but why not Medusa?

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