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I'd love to see it, yeah. It's an interesting premise to have a Belmont trying to resurrect Dracula. The problem I see with it is the supporting cast. This series focuses on the drama between the characters. Simon was a solo story, and I'm positive they'd try to wedge Alucard or something in there.
I'd be OK with Alucard popping in to some capacity. Or just creating some kind of supporting cast for Simon.

Definitely. It seems right in line with what Ellis is doing.
The DS ones that take place in the future/near future could be interesting. Though the story descriptions I've read sound pretty corny.

That, and Castlevania 3 plays right into Symphony of the Night.
Sort of. But if they just jump into it they'd have to jump over Christopher, Soleiyu, and Simon. I guess I'd be happy with some kind of extended montage covering all of that.

I liked the nod to Leon Belmont (it was Leon, right?) in season 1 or 2. The room Trevor found and you see his portrait.

I want to see this, too. I'm used to him going full bat-demon when backed into a corner. I'd love a "behold my true form, and despair!" moment.
Yes! It's not Castlevania if Dracula doesn't have at LEAST one super form.

The other monsters would be awesome. I wonder if there's some fear of copyright infringement? All the original bosses were Universal movie monsters. Even Olrox from SOTN is a misspelling of Orlock from Nosferatu.
Aren't those all absolved of copyright law/public domain? Like, can't anyone make their own Dracula movie tomorrow without paying a license to anyone (I did, sort of)? Same with Frankenstein.

I am dying (pun intended) for Death to show up. He's got to. It's Death.
He should be there. Maybe he figures into things when his resurrections start.
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