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I was 11 in 2003 and I heard the cartoon from a classmate aired on TV channel in whatever year (like 2004 or 2005) that I don't care much because I never had a chance to see it on TV. I thought the show was one turn airing and never showed again on national tv channel.

I was back in 2005(maybe) visiting a video shop and the turtles cover attracted me so I bought a bootleg copy of eight episodes of the turtles in space and secret origins VCD, which totally brought me into the turtles. First, I was thinking the show was the same one I saw from TV which is the old 1987 cartoon and I played on Nintendo FC. At later time I figured it out.

I remember I was using water mark pen drawing turtles logo as a tattoo my arm during a lesson and found by my teacher and showed my arm to the whole class and making fun of me which is really embarrassing.
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