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Originally Posted by AT-Man View Post
I bought Donna Lewis - Now In A Minute CD. Sometimes you just need to chill.
Dude, I just clicked on this topic and saw this post at the top. That is a terrific album. All the way through it's just this level of pansy-comfort-listening that can't be beat. "Without Love". Most people don't even know who that is, but I distinctly remember the Summer where she got all sorts of radio play.

It's like listening to the Real McCoy or Roxette. It's just solid material.

Originally Posted by Leo656 View Post
Picked up the latest CD by The Offspring, "Let The Bad Times Roll", and have been blasting it in the car all week.
Such a great band. I couldn't stand them in High School while I was listening to a lot of testosterone rock like early STP's "Piece of Pie". But man... The Offspring just have great track after great track on so many of their albums.

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