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Why has rock music lost a lot of popularity and mainstream appeal lately?

Rock music was huge for several decades. But around the turn of the century it began losing its dominance. Suddenly, I was in the 2010s and realised rock was now generally pretty much inferior to genres like hip-hop, rnb, EDM and club music in terms of mainstream popularity.

When you think about all of the current most popular musicians, how many of them are rock bands? Who's even the most popular of the current rock bands nowadays? The Arctic Monkeys?

When people talk about the great rock bands they're usually the classic ones from the 20th century. Once those bands finally hang it up... who's gonna fill in their shoes?

Metal also has gone through a similar struggle. Metal was never as big as rock, but all of the big metal bands are from decades ago as well. And o ne the likes of Metallica and Iron Maiden finally call it quits no one will be big enough to pass the torch to.

Why is this happening? Remember when guys brought guitars to school to attract the attention of girls? Does that even happen anymore? Nowadays being a DJ is probably more effective in that respect.

It's odd, because I thought everyone loved the sound of the guitar. But maybe it's because it's just cheaper and easier to produce music on a computer program? As for rapping, you can come up with lyrics by letting someone else produce a beat for you.

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