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Toy idea

had an interesting idea, back in the 90's the x-men toy series had a mutation monster series.

well i think i might have an idea down the road, a few days ago i made a request of april mutating into a killer pizza monster. i've spoiled it because it might be considered mature.


now it got me thinking on maybe combining both the mutation series and x-men monster series. using one of the april toys either rereleased or original Aprils

and using a 3-d printer to make the killer pizza pieces, thinking about maybe using the designs from the killer pizza monster i ordered from neca. so does that sound like an interesting? i've got a friend at work that might let me use their printer, i just have to figure out the software and paint it. but that'll be after neca delivers and i have something to work off of and if it looks good i'll post the progress. or do you think it might be easier to just try molding?
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