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First off, a very, very belated thank you to Frank and Darkfell!!

Originally Posted by frank_one View Post
I really appreciate your works. Those b/w shots make my heart melt.
Originally Posted by DarkFell View Post
Those are some wonderful photos that you took. I like your sense of imagination too.
Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

I appreciate the kind words, folks!

Now then... lots of new goodness to share!

First off, something I should have shared sooner (I tend to only post photos on Facebook and occasionally Instagram, these days)... proper photos of DONATELLO'S WORK STATION!!! The creation of my talented friend, Skot!

What Skot accomplished with some paint and a few pieces of foam is nothing short of witchcraft! Add in the dozens of accessories he generously included, but the dozens and dozens I'd gathered over the years and received from others, and I like to think Don's station looks suitably cluttered and lived in!

I am so giddy about this diorama!

But now, it's time to shake things up... with another custom of Skot's! He and I went to Robert Louis Stevenson Park last weekend, and he brought his amazing Hensonverse Jennika! Plus an awesome Mythic Legions steed for her to ride!

Moving on, ya know who else is staggeringly talented at the custom game? Tankster Innovations! He recently sold me his kickass Man-Ray aka Ray Fillet for a song, and after several months I finally managed to visit the ocean for a shoot:

For all the beautiful weathering and detail, the base sculpt still suits the cartoon figures best, and I don't collect the toon stuff, but I had to get my hands on this guy!

A few weeks ago, I returned to my old stomping grounds of Twin Falls, Idaho, where I took huzzah's brilliant Lionheart and Doctor El out for their first ever shared portrait:

I also photographed a slightly less ambitious custom beneath the Perrine Bridge, namely my lazy (and strange) Cowabunga Carl kitbash:

More in the next post!
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