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... *steps into the thread, a tattered cape trailing behind her* So you want to fight for the hand of Raphael? *aims a fan blowing at full speed at you, grabs a bag of her coupons, and dumps it in front of the fan* ... *watches as the welcoming coupons are blown away and stick to you*

Well, now that I have got that out of the way, welcome to the Technodrome, Raph's ONLY Girl. I too, am a rabid Raph fan girl. Now would be the time when I normally hand you a coupon but...err...I kind of used them all just then Just...err...take them all if you want, I guess...

Enjoy your stay here at the 'drome! Watch out for the other rabid fan girls. They aren't as nice as me... *bows and dissapears with the florish of her cape*

"So. The whole lot of you against little old me? How retarded."
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