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Just got my "Rise Of The Tyrant" in the mail. I ordered it from Finland I found out. Anyways it came with a DVD, which I watched already and it was awesome, a cool slipcover with way better artwork, and the booklet isn't made out of that coated paper that takes away from the artwork.

Whenever a band I loves comes out with a CD I go the extra mile to get the best version of the CD I can. I imported the last two Dark Tranquillity CDs as well. The first one I did it on I got two copies and one was signed by the whole band.

They don't usually sport more then a nifty cover and some bonus tracks, but I like to show I love the band so much I'll go the extra length to import it from wherever. Most people pirate CDs now and that sickens me. These guys work hard to make these songs, they more then deserve 10 dollars. I know they make most their money of their merch but still.
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