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Yeah, I've always seen TMNT as being in the mid/late 80's and early 90's era myself.

Even in the cartoons when the 2k3 series took place in the early 2000's, or the Nick show feels weird. Like in the Spiderbitez episode as a human he took a picture of Raph with his iphone. Like man, I was expecting him to take out one of those old cameras from the 80's and say, "I have to develop the film" and so forth. Instead Raph had to destroy his phone rather than taking out the film.

Feels very strange. I love in the first movie you see payphones and the characters walking around 80's Manhattan like it's the current year. And Danny takes out his Sony Walkman from the 80's rather than some ipod "new age" millennial stuff he'd use today.

One of the reasons I also like Casey Jones in the first movie is he literally looks like an 80's guy. Just sitting around in his sweatpants and shirt, no computers or tech stuff, just...sitting around. Because that's all they did in the 80's....sit around. Maybe watch a little TV on your old beat-up 80's television. And you had other 80's references like April saying she wanted to dream of Harrison Ford (obviously the 74 year old version today isn't hot stuff, lol), or Raph asking if Oprah was on in the second movie...her show ended years ago. I'm pretty sure we also see the Twin Towers in the first movie.
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