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Originally Posted by Wildcat View Post
Is this basically just another 80s/90s were the golden age of everything topic? Iím 33 and all for nostalgia but this really is a back-in-the-day discussion.

The turtles deserve to move with the rest of the world. Why should smartphones, Blu-rays etc be frowned upon when Donatello is already able to unrealistically craft such devices from other things?.
I agree. Being perpetually stuck in the 80's would not help the franchise. It's barely being taken seriously with being stuck in the 'for kids' ghetto, do we solidify 'can't leave the 80's nostalgia' too?

Originally Posted by Wildcat View Post
I donít live in NY but Iím sure itís still very much filled with crime and filth. When and how would such things be ďfixedĒ? Impossible.
Originally Posted by Wildcat View Post
No I donít think itís filled with crime on every corner but Powder painted a very pretty picture.

A lot of crime must still exist in NY though. Crime is everywhere. Thereís reports of violence and drugs where I live and this is a small town.
There is crime, but it depends on where you look. You probably won't find much of it in the gentrified areas, but you still have to be careful. Brooklyn is just not a nice spot in places, and heaven help you if you leave your car in certain parking garages, because you might come back to find it disassembled and the parts toted off and sold. There are still homeless people, and lines of subways that are abandoned and likely closed off.

I've been there recently, and there still is some undercurrent of crime. It is just harder to see underneath that new, shiny exterior.
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