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Originally Posted by Metalwolf View Post
I agree. Being perpetually stuck in the 80's would not help the franchise. It's barely being taken seriously with being stuck in the 'for kids' ghetto, do we solidify 'can't leave the 80's nostalgia' too?
Exactly, modern TMNT needs to be able to stand on it's own without leaning on the "nostalgia crutch". That's what helps establish TMNT as a timeless evergreen franchise instead of a old trend from a bygone era.

Originally Posted by itwouldntwork
It wouldn't necessarily have to take place in any specified time - like Tim Burton's Batman movies that didn't really take place in any real era but a sort of gothic 30's-80's.
You don't have to say when it takes place, and you don't really have to show mobile phones or other time-specific technology, old or new. I think with something like the Turtles it's absolutely permissible to take a "style over realism" route.

A lot of the "80's grit" is how things were shot, lit, edited, styled and so on - and it's a big part of the Turtles identity IMO. Hard shadows, bright lights, all that.
Now, this is a neat idea. Instead of actually pinning down that it's set in the 80s, just set it in a retro universe reminiscent of the 80s and 90s, but not glued to it's limitations. I'd be all for that. (Worked for Batman TAS, Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc., etc.)
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