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I was lucky this year- it fell on a Monday after I get my usual weekend off, and they are closing the store for Christmas day, so I get a three-day weekend! YAY!!! Currently sitting in my jammies listening to my Holiday Mix playlist- Up now is Trans Siberian Orchastra's rendititon of the "Carol of the Bells", aka "Christmas in Sarajevo" followed by Bing's famous version of "White Christmas". LOVE that song! Might make some hot cocoa in a few, and going to watch the TMNT 4Kids Christmas Aliens episode. That and watching White Christmas (the movie) are my main traditions. Not much decorating this year, but I did at least put up my little mini tree (instead of the big one I usually decorate) and a wreath on the door and some bells and a small Christmas lantern outside on my patio.
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