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Here's an idea of possible usage:

Dare to Dream? (Name is after a storyline series I came up with)

Setting: Between the dream world involving nightmares/regular dreams and reality

Plot: The world has once been a peaceful slumber, living life contently without any care through creativity. What if one day though the real world fell into an eternal slumber, leaving ourselves in a fantasy world where we can die ala Freddy Kruger? Whether it be finding a way to escape reality or save everyone from eternal sleep, it's up to you to either survive, have fun, or suffer curses.

All franchises welcome!

  1. You MUST be creative and detailed in your posts
  2. All characters ranging from TMNT, OCs, and other franchises are welcome
  3. The obvious one character per user rule
  4. Let the imagination run free in the story.

One more thing, how many ideas are needed before the voting can begin?
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