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Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome View Post
wow dude awesome stuff, Shredder looks amazing
Belated thanks! I usually wait to respond to comments until I have new photos to share (an increasingly unnecessary and outdated bit of etiquette, in light of what a ghost town this place has become), and I photographed some toys today for the first time in nearly two months! Between the start of the school year (my district is doing distance learning) and getting evacuated due to the fires (our house is fine, thankfully) and not wanting to go outside due to the lingering smoke, I've been stuck indoors for way too long.

My buddy Jarred (if memory serves, his username here was "killertomato" or "huzzah", but I don't believe he posts anymore) created a rad-and-a-half custom of Doctor El, the elephant witch doctor from the vintage TMNT series. I bought it from him quite some time ago, and finally took it on a shoot today, although I am not happy with the loincloth (my own addition); I'd like to replace it with something more colorful, preferably with some kind of African pattern.

Anyhoo, here is a teaser photo followed by two almost-complete reveals (I kept him masked 'cause I want to save a proper reveal for when I've replaced his loincloth)!

While we're here, I'll share a few shots from just before we were evacuated. First up, I added some Armored Kickass gear to Casey Jones:

And before I sold my ED-209 Mouser, I captured some quick shots of Donatello reprogramming him and sparring with him:

On the topic of sparring:

Finally, I'll close with a black and white alternate shot of the "temple", which is just an aquarium prop:

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