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I love Masters of the Universe Classics, but I realised early on that I was never going to get a complete set. They weren't too expensive in the beginning, but with shipping at $10 a pop, I couldn't bring myself to pay for variants and characters I didn't really like the look of.

It was a bitch to buy them in the first couple of years too. From where I live, they go on sale at midnight, or 1:00am depending on US daylight savings, and I spent many a workday dead on my feet because I was up half the night at mercy of Digital River.

I think they are a trifle too expensive now, and the exchange rate isn't as favourable as it was a couple of years ago. I still by them, but I skip a lot more than I used to.

I have a fair whack of the 200X figures, including Grayskull, but nowhere near a complete set. I think I had more fun collecting this line than the Classics, as they were available in retail stores, so I could hunt around. It's not as exciting buying toys on the internet every month. Their style hasn't aged well for me, but I still think they're cool. 200X Whiplash is one of my favourite figures of all time.

I still have a lot of the original figures that I got as a kid, but for whatever reason, I'm not interested in collecting them now.
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