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Too bad about Bomberman only being an assist, he'd be a blast to use as a fighter. I am glad Ridley is finally present, it being hunched over & stuff is a clever way to make it not look so damn huge, without having to actually scale it down to a ridiculous extent. It's nice that all of the old characters are returning, but considering this is a port (Ugh. It's a nicely upgraded port, but still, ugh.) I am supremely disappointed that most of the new characters are old characters. New arrivals are practically the driving force behind convincing people to double dip, yo! So I'm on the fence about this, for now. Hopefully there will be enough new characters/stages/modes to entice me. All the new things/upgrades are impressive, just might not be enough for me. Every penny counts, these days.

That said, I'd like to see Dixie Kong, Mimikyu, a Kirby ally, a Pokemon Trainer "Echo" with different Pokemon, Rayman, & Aiai from Super Monkey Ball. Bomberman would be on the list, but alas, his fate was already decided. One want I'd really go bananas for is a bit unrealistic, but has a lot of potential- a Guardian Scout, from Breath Of The Wild. You know, one of the small ones that can use its laser eye as well as various ancient weapons. Give it a spring jump & quick footwork, call it a day. It'd never happen, but given how popular the game was, & how integral those enemies were to it, I'd find it fitting. Others I wouldn't mind having include Isabelle, Waluigi, a Captain Toad "Echo", King K. Rool (I know, I know, he's been retired...), a Street Fighter Echo (Zangief would be neat!), Master Hand, an ARMS character, & more fun alternate costumes like how Mario has, that's a neat gimmick.

One thing that irked me, though, the way BOTW is represented. Link should summon the champions for his final smash, rather than just using ancient arrows. & the BOTW tower stage, so, so boring, what a wasted opportunity. They should instead have put you in Hyrule Field, with hazards like charging animals, horseback Bokoblin, & the occasional Guardian who randomly targets players with a deadly laser blast. That would be AMAZING.

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